A Brief Overview Overview of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, by Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services

As a leading force in juvenile diabetes research, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) works to find a cure for the disease while also providing support and knowledge to patients and their families. The organization was founded in 1970 by concerned parents looking to push research efforts and spread hope to those who knew little about the disease. Since that time, the JDRF has grown immensely and enjoyed widespread support from the diabetic and medical communities. Interestingly, the majority of JDRF volunteers also possess first-hand knowledge regarding diabetes and the effect it has on individual lives. This personal connection contributes to the institution’s drive and motivation.

Today, the JDRF conducts research projects in countries across the globe and has managed to raise over $1 billion in research funding.  The organization also labors to advocate for further research efforts and increase government spending to combat diabetes.  The Bag of Hope, School Advisory Kit, and Adult Type 1 Toolkit all represent great efforts by the JDRF to reach out and assist individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In addition, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation provides a comprehensive online program geared towards patient support.  Individuals may contact the Online Diabetes Support Team and speak one-on-one with diabetes professionals. The JDRF also produces a number of helpful publications, including Countdown Magazine, Life With Diabetes E-Newsletter, and Research Snapshot.

About Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services:
As owner of Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services, Carolyn M. Young possesses over 25 years of expertise in the financial services industry. Specializing in fiduciary offerings, Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services currently oversees more than $75 million in client assets, working continually to help clients gain autonomy and independence. Ms. Young and her family also remain heavily involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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