Health Benefits of Walking

Walking pic


Based in Sacramento, Carolyn M. Young provides fiduciary services to clients in six counties throughout the state. Approximately 15-20 percent of the fiduciary services Carolyn M. Young provides to her clients are pro bono. Outside of work, Ms. Young walks approximately 5 miles each day.

Below are three major health benefits of walking.

1. Improves mood and cognitive function: Studies show that walking can help to reduce the symptoms of depression. Women who walk at least 1.5 hours per week have been found to have better cognitive function than those who spend less than 40 minutes per week walking.

2. Prevents type 2 diabetes: Walking at least 150 minutes per week and losing 7 percent of one’s body fat—equivalent to 12-15 pounds—can help to reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 60 percent.

3. Strengthens the heart: Research shows that the mortality rates for men who walk less than a mile each day are higher than those who walk in excess of 2 miles each day. For women who walk more than 3 hours per week, their risk of heart attack is reduced by 35 percent compared to women who do not walk.

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