About Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services

Carolyn M. Young owns her own fiduciary-services business 
in Sacramento, California. As a fiduciary-services 
provider, she maintains membership in the Professional 
Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC), the 
organization which oversees such professionals. In order 
to become a member of PFAC, she underwent thirty hours of 
fiduciary training and must continue to take 15 additional 
education hours each year. As a member of this organization, 
Carolyn M. Young is required to meet many professional 
standards, chief among them to work to protect each client’s 
legal and civil rights, make decisions that augment and 
protect the rights of each client, and give the client the 
chance to be as independent and autonomous as possible. 

Carolyn M. Young takes the fiduciary services she provides 
seriously, since the role involves acting as a trusted 
guardian. In fact, as a fiduciary, she is responsible for 
$75 million in total assets and makes decisions to sell or 
rent real estate, sell or store personal property, and invest. 
She also files clients’ tax returns each year and on the 
closing of their estates. In the event of a client’s death, 
Carolyn M. Young is responsible for administrating the trust, 
paying debts, and making distributions set forth in the trust. 
She also administers special needs trusts, which many create 
when they have a child living with disabilities. 

While providing fiduciary services has been Carolyn M. Young’s 
business for the past two and a half decades, it is also 
something she does to give back to her community and her 
clients. Carolyn M. Young has a policy of continuing to offer 
her fiduciary services even when a client’s funds run out. If 
this occurs, she responds by applying for government assistance 
for her client and continues to serve as a fiduciary without 
pay. With this commitment to serving her clients, those hiring 
or recommending Carolyn M. Young as a fiduciary-services 
provider can rest assured that she is committed to the highest 
level of service and ethical standards.

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